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COVID-19: How to sell electronics when shoppers don't go to stores

In February 2020, demand for smartphones around the world dropped by a record-breaking 38% compared to the same period for 2019. Buyers are unable or afraid to visit retail stores where the goods in front of them have quite possibly been touched by hundreds of people.

The electronics retail industry must learn how to work with the new reality of COVID-19, one in which there will be far fewer or even no retail sales. According to WHO estimates, the situation could last until mid-2021 at the very least.

Even if your shop only has a presence on the Web, please note that people will no longer be able to hold the goods you’re selling in their hands. The information they receive about the product will only be available online, so the content of your product page will be ever more important.

REVIEW3 3D-reviews gives your customers the unique opportunity to “handle” the product online in a way that neither photographs nor even video reviews can match.

As part of a worldwide deal in response to COVID-19, REVIEW3 is offering a 30% limited-period discount on the annual contract for installing REVIEW3 3D-reviews in your online electronics store.