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3D-review of Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus released

This Immersive Dynamic AMOLED-screen smartphone is extremely concise. The absence of unnecessary details brings your focus firmly to bear on what’s happening on the screen. A powerful 7-nm processor and 12 GB of RAM provide fast data loading, and the built-in memory expanded to 768 GB means bags of space for storing loads of information. The device includes five smart cameras (one front and four main), which allow you to shoot and process professional grade video.

You can inspect Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus in detail in this REVIEW3 3D-review: Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus

3D-review of new Sony Alpha A7R IV camera released at last

The full-frame mirrorless Sony A7R IV camera is built around an innovative 61-megapixel sensor and an updated processor that provides the device with high functionality and enhanced performance. Sony has also added an electronic high-resolution viewfinder and upgraded the focus system. The “exposure compensation” selector is equipped with a lock button that was missing from the previous model.

Check out the Sony Alpha A7R IV in fine detail in our 3D-review: Sony Alpha A7R IV

A warm welcome to our latest client, Spanish company Kimovil!

Kimovil has just made life a whole lot easier for its customers by integrating REVIEW3 3D-reviews right in the centre of its product pages. Now, when checking out products on the site, the first thing visitors see, before any photos, is the product in glorious interactive 3D. We are delighted to welcome our new partners and to thank them for trusting in REVIEW3 3D-reviews: enter image description here


Kimovil feedback on working with us:

"REVIEW3 3D-reviews are a solution that we couldn’t find in the Spanish market. Now, the user interface in our online store has been significantly improved. This is a great way for our users to “feel” the product, in high resolution and with all the tiny details. Also, the extensive multilingual REVIEW3 Catalog and the simple integration made installing the solution on our website very easy".

enter image description here

— Daniel Sebastián, CEO and Co-Founder Kimovil, Bilbao, Spain.

3D-review of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 released

This is the first Xiaomi fitness bracelet with an AMOLED color display – 40% larger than the display on the previous model. The built-in three-axis accelerometer and gyroscope allow you to analyze movement when running, riding a bicycle and climbing a rope. It also knows how fast you’re rowing and counts the number of strokes. Finally, it can monitor swimming activity at depths of up to 50 meters.

Check out the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 in all its 3D detail in this REVIEW3 3D-review: Xiaomi Mi Band 4

3D-review of the new FUJIFILM GFX100 high-resolution camera

The 43.8 x 32.9 mm sensor of this mirrorless digital camera has a resolution of 102 megapixels! FUJIFILM claims the GFX100 is the highest resolution device in the entire history of photographic equipment. The IBIS system with its 5.5 levels of stabilization, ensures that any image will be excellent. And the detachable GFX 50S viewfinder, created specifically for this camera, can be mounted at different angles using the EVF-TL1 swivel adapter. See the FUJIFILM GFX100 in all its glorious 3D detail in this REVIEW3 3D-review: FUJIFILM GFX100