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Apple iMac 24 Orange 3D review released

The most talked-about Apple iMac of 2021. With its strikingly thin 11.5mm display and rich orange body color, resemblance to a conventional computer is minimal.

Powered by a powerful M1 processor, the 24 Orange computer has a 24’’, 4.5K (4480 × 2520 pixel) Retina display with a maximum brightness of 530 nits—higher than most existing monitors.

Media devices include a built-in webcam with 1080p resolution along with loud and clear built-in speakers that create a "tangible" stereo bass effect. The headphone jack is conveniently located on the left-hand side of the monitor.

Other components include a lightning cable, power supply, and ultra-slim aluminum stand, all matching the color of the iMac front.

The iMac 24 M1 also comes with two popular accessories: a Magic Keyboard and a Magic Mouse. At the request of many users, the keyboard now has Touch ID.

View the new Apple iMac 24 Orange from all angles in this 3D review:
Sony Xperia 1 III Frosted Purple

Sony Xperia 1 III Frosted Purple 3D review released

The device is positioned as a smartphone for professionals. Photographers, production specialists, and professional gamers helped create this model, the latest flagship in the line.

A metal frame protects the edges of the phone’s matt purple casing, and symmetrical bezels on the sides give the display an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Guaranteed IP65/68 standard water and dust protection—remains waterproof for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters. Powered by an 8-core processor with a frequency of up to 2.84 GHz. The 6.5-inch screen uses OLED technology and has a resolution of 4K or 1644 × 3840.

The phone has 12 GB RAM with internal storage of either 256 or 512 GB. You can supplement the built-in memory with a microSD card.

Sound through the speakers is in 360 Reality Audio. In other words, standard audio is converted to 3D.

A nice feature for gamers is the Low Gamma Raiser, which enhances detail in the dark areas of images, making it much easier to spot your opponents.

Check out the Sony Xperia 1 III Frosted Purple from every angle in this 3D review:
Sony Xperia 1 III Frosted Purple

New 3D-review of Microsoft Xbox Series X

According to Microsoft, the new console is the fastest and most powerful in the company's line-up. Processing power of 12 teraflops on a SoC chip and Xbox Velocity architecture deliver maximum gaming speed with overclocking up to 120 fps. AMD Zen 2, RDNA 2, DirectX ray-tracing technology, and 3D Spatial Sound totally immerse you in the game. The sleek, monolithic design features three airflow channels, a dedicated vapor chamber, and a split motherboard for perfect ventilation, uniform warmth, and virtually silent running.

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New 3D-review of Sony PlayStation 5 available now!

The game console won’t be on sale until mid-November, but you can see a full 3D review right now on our website and the websites of our clients!

A powerful AMD Ryzen 8-core processor delivers fast gaming performance. And an AMD Radeon RDNA 2-based GPU with accelerated ray tracing, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D audio technology brings you a truly immersive VR experience. The big advantage of the device is the super-fast SSD, which supports lightning-fast game loading.

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3D-review of Apple iPhone 12 out now!

Apple's new smartphone has a new look: the rounded corners have been cut off to give the phone a more angular and edgy appearance. The device is lighter too: it weighs 16% less than its predecessor. What’s more, the casing’s 11% thinner. The iPhone 12 is made of glass covered by a ceramic shield, which, according to Apple, makes it four times tougher than older versions. The flagship A14 Bionic processor is the fastest processor the company has ever produced. And the image quality of the dual-camera system is excellent under almost any day or nighttime lighting conditions.

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